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Affiliate Software

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Assign Managers

Assign Affiliates There Own Account Manager

Unlimited Users

Create Users and manage there permissions with ease.

Bulk Photo

Uploader Upload up to 2500MB of images with the Drag & Drop Uploader.

Easy Chat

Message all of your affiliates using oursimple chat.

Custom Colors

Change the look of your software.

Create FAQs Section

Save Yourself From Multiple Questions. Put Them Online

Manage Payments

Keep Track Of Sales And Pay When Its Time

Bulk Upload Products

Upload Products In Bulk With Your Spreadsheet

Approval Process

Decide if you want an affiliate to have access to your products.

Dashboard Statistics

Affilaite Overview, Store Overview, Sales Overview and Click Overview Provided

Edit Login Screen

Add Pages To Your Main Menu and Customize Your Home Screen Text

Add Product Categories

Stay orgonized With Categories To Provide Maximum Results

Upload Marketing Materials

Marketing Materials Can Be Used To Promote Your Products

Individual Affiliate Settings

Make Each Affiliates Commissions Different From Each Other

Editable Contact Info

Place Your Name, Phone Number and Address So It Can Be Found

Bulk Import Images

Drag + Drop Your Images and Upload Lots With Ease

Cost Per Click

Turn On The Cost Per Click Feature To Pay Affiliates For Sending Traffic

On/Off Store

Thats Cool! Turn It Off

Mobile Marketing

For Your Company

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Unlimited SALES

Unlimited PRODUCTS

Unlimited PAGES

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Shopping Cart Generator

Provide Your Customers With There Own Shopping Cart

Customers & Sales Reports

Store By Store Reports. Track What Each Of Your Clients Stores Are Bringing In

Add Web Pages

Your Clients Can Create Multiple Web Pages On There Store To Market Your Products

Add Tracking Codes

Manage Stores With Easy To Insert Affiliate Tracking Codes

Multiple Payment Gateways

Set up your clients with there own paypal or stripe account. They collect payment and you sell more

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